you’ll do better with a 24


I had been busy sneakily doodling people around me, sitted in the park next to the Workshop mall. That’s in Durban, South Africa. Suddenly, a young lad comes up to me with a large smile on his face. “Are you drawing? Oh this is great. I was standing there smoking and looking at you, I was thinking : oh this guy is drawing people.” We laugh together. Apparently we both pratice this game of doodle hunting, where you try to sketch someone without letting that person spot you.

Snyman works as a consultant. But he really saves his soul drawing and painting. For that, he’d rather sit at home. One needs his own peaceful space, to create, to live at peace in one’s own inner world.

While originally from Hammenskraal in Gauteng, Snyman keeps travelling around the country for his job. He’s gonna be around Durban for a while. This is a fine place isn’t it? He’d love to travel further though. Overseas.

Looking at my attempts at portraits, he gives me a few tricks, “here is how I draw noses, especially for blacks”.


He then inspects my set of colour pencils. 12 only! You need a 24. Now for the skin, black, and some orange. But yes, you’d be better off with a 24.


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