Afrika… Afrika eh!

That day, I wandered at the Breytenbach theatre in Sunnyside, Pretoria. Named after, you know, the South African author of the novel “The true confessions of an albino terrorist”. That dates back from the previous South African era, in the 80s. Anyway, that one specific day, the theatre was hosting an event called “We are all Africans”. A social and artistic gathering against xenophobia and for the reunion of all Africans. That sounded very good indeed. The event brought together fine art artists, techies and poets and, towards the end of the afternoon, a Congolese band based in Johannesburg- “Les fantastiques”. They started to play in the small and very green garden surrounding the theatre.





Quickly they shifted to rumba, puzzling most of the audience. I wished there had been more Congolese around to show the moves. I for sure was not to be the one leading the way.



At the interval, I went to say “bonsoir” backstage. And met Cacharel, the lead singer. He seemed happy to be there. Smiling bright and laughing with good heart. He introduced me to the other guys in the band: Bruno, Patrick, Claude…

I asked about Congolese food. Please! Where can I find it?? “You’ll have to come to Hillbrow”, he said. “We’ll have fun! Can you come next week-end? And… do you have a car?”




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