msanzinauteWhat are they? Short portraits, or rather snapshots of an encounter with fellow passengers. Those are usually people we have just met. Or “familiar strangers” we have been greeting with a nod in our everyday life without ever really interacting with them…until we did.

As for me (Youri), I ask people to draw something (anything, whatever they feel like). When I dare, I try to take their portrait. Or maybe I don’t. Or maybe I choose not to show it. I mention their first name only. Well of course, I first ask them if they are not bothered. Also, if I can record their voice. People have such amazing voices… and laughters. If you are here, please know I was glad to meet you, and am still glad to travel with you on this journey. I hope we meet again one day.

Do you also make such beautiful encounters? This site is open to your contribution.

Please drop us an email at fellowpassenger, at allpassengers.net

Otherwise, on the facebook.

Read you soon.