where are you going on 16 December?

It’s another sunny day in Tshwane and I’m having a free afternoon in Burger’s park. Hanging around, doodling sometimes, mostly pouring green into my eyes. Group of people gather in circles in the shade, idle and peaceful. Earlier, I tried to visit the flower garden in the greenhouse, but the heat was stiffling there.

While strolling about on the red-bricked path, I see a young woman looking at me with a broad smile,  folding and unfolding her hand gently, to invite me to come near. Myriam, Tshiamo and little Lerato are sitting in the grass. They ask me to take a picture. I first think I have to take a picture of them but actually, they meant a picture of me with them. Fair enough. Myriam says she will send the picture through her phone.

I sit next to them. And the question comes. Where are you from? Actually, they both are from Soweto, even if they live in Sosh (Soshanguve) at the moment. But say, how different is Joburg?

Indeed we keep enjoying the park. Birds singing, flowers perfuming the air, and the breathing grass underneath that we keep stroking. And by the way…what are you doing on the 16th?

What can possibly be happening on the 16th of December, in South Africa?

I left the drawing pad into Myriam’s care. She keeps picking new colours with obvious pleasure. And offers me nothing less than a house.


I know Soshanguve, well… a bit, been there twice only. They find it hard to compare to Soweto. How proud are they those Sowetans! And maybe Soweto actually is the place to be on 16th December


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