eye to eye, in silence


I met Fernand in the park (*) , where we occasionally do eye-contact (sit and look at the eyes of people for a long moment) When looking at each other’s eyes, you connect to their joy playfulness sincerity and curiosity, (among tons of other things most of which are nameless), ‘but’ also to their pain, fear, and insecurity. Fernand (at least in my view) had none of the latter, his regard was serious and calm. After a while, while focused on his eyes, a strange phenomenon happened, the world started to flicker and change hues – pulsating from reddish to greenish, at the rhythm of his breath. Dressed elegantly, black and white (scarf, coat, black umbrella, and a white shirt) we shared a long moment.


After the moment passed, I asked him to stay for a portrait, and he gave me his time and attention generously. Drawing allowed me to see skin colours blemishes and textures. reflection of his rasta on his forehead, the bold eyes, with clear wrinkles. Usually when I draw people, they are distracted by the drawing process, peeking down, to see if they come out OK, are they ugly? beautiful? but his eyes stayed with me for the whole process. – I liked him.


(*) Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris, France.



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